Safety Tips for Every Condo Association

June 27, 2022

All condominium associations need comprehensive risk management plans. Board members must be highly attentive to matters involving security and potential threats to members’ safety and property. Here are important things that officers and directors need to do to effectively mitigate risk and avoid unnecessary liability or loss.

Utilize Technology That Keeps Residents Safe

HOA insurance providers typically like to see that a condo building has a well-designed and fully functional video surveillance system. A system must be well maintained, and associations should take action to repair non-working cameras as soon as reasonably possible.

It may also be advantageous for a building to have an access control system. Preferably, all points of ingress to a building must be locked at all times. Having an access control system makes it possible for managers to detect and track who is accessing various parts of the premises.

Address Capital Needs Projects in a Timely Manner

One of the most important duties of condo associations is to perform necessary repairs in a building’s common areas. The general upkeep of a premises’ infrastructure and the systems which service an entire building are integral to protecting the collective investments of an association’s unit owners. Failure to undertake vital capital needs projects can put an entire building at risk. Condominium and Homeowner association insurance can cover some forms of damage to the common areas of the premises, but neglected capital needs repairs may not fall under the scope of a traditional property insurance policy.

Required inspections with a county or municipal building department to certify a condominium’s occupancy can play an instrumental role in keeping your condo association safe but will not necessarily reveal all of a building’s most pressing needs. Boards with concerns about the physical condition of key systems such as heating and cooling equipment or the roofing structure, may want to seek out input from structural or mechanical engineers.

Establish and Enforce Rules for Safety

Typically, associations have rules about how residents may use their units. They may require residents to do certain things or refrain from specific activities in order to keep a building safe. What are condo Association rules called which prohibit specific activities? Usually, rules that prevent residents from doing things such as renting out their units to AirBnB travelers or using a barbecue on the balcony are called restrictive covenants. For the most part, restrictive covenants are in place to ensure that the ways in which a person uses their unit does not cause harm to other unit owners in a building.

Ultimately, an engaged board and a responsible management team can help to keep a condo association safe. Building safety should be a priority in how an association manages its budget and creates policies for residents.

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