How would you like to have an insurance agency that gives you Dedication you Deserve?

January 29, 2019

What does this mean you ask? To us, it means many things…. First of all, you deserve a local insurance agency that you can TRUST! Of course, Trust is a vital component of any healthy relationship and your relationship with your insurance agent should be no different. You should feel confident that your best interest is their main interest ALWAYS!

You should feel confident that they have the expertise to provide you with the insurance coverage you need at the Best Value. You deserve a knowledgeable independent agent that will do your insurance shopping for you. One that you are convinced is dedicated to working hard to find the most competitive policies for you through the large number of insurance companies they represent. You Deserve to not Limit yourself to an agency that is only limited to one company.

You Deserve outstanding Customer service and a local insurance Agency that doesn’t act bothered when you call them! Your agency is to there to serve you and be pleasant about it. With outstanding customer service, you Deserve same day Call Backs. You Deserve an insurance agency which shows they appreciate you and that doesn’t take your business for granted. Your agency should be dedicated to checking in with you periodically not just at the time they write your policy.

Dedication you deserve also means that you feel that your agency cares about you, your family & your business. That they truly care about protecting all that you have worked so hard for. You deserve an agency that you feel confident has “got your back”. Whether that is advocating for you in a claim or working hard to get you best insurance rates and coverages.

You Deserve to have an agency that will be there when you need them- Not a company or agency where you’re calling some after hour hotline or having to leave a message. Do you have your agent’s cell phone number? If not, you should. You deserve a local Shelby county insurance agent.

At McDaniel Independent Insurance Agency, you can Trust that we will demonstrate the Dedication you so Deserve. We are the local agency to choose- offering home insurance, auto insurance, farm insurance and business insurance in Shelbyville, Kentucky.