End Distracted Driving

April 12, 2019

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Let’s unite together to End Distracted Driving. Individually, we can all commit to not drive distracted. Driving distracted is certainly not just limited to texting and driving. It is anything that takes your eyes off the road for even a second or takes your focus off of driving. Let’s look at just a few of the examples so many of us are guilty of…..taking a call while driving, adjusting the radio/navigation controls, attending to children or our pets, being distracted by friends, eating while driving. These are just to name a few. Every day, every where you look someone is so obviously not paying attention to driving. The statistics on how many people lose their lives due to Distracted Driving is sobering and should grab the attention of all of us. As parents, we need to set the example for our children. They watch what we do and learn from us. Even if they aren’t driving yet, they soon will be! Check out some of our local teens who are “speaking to us” in a video found on our agency Facebook page. It is definitely an eye opener!

Please Join us at our free event on April 15th to End Distracted Driving. Founder, Joel Feldman of ENDD.org will be speaking. We’ll have free Zaxby’s, Prizes throughout the evening! Invite those you care about that need to hear this important message!

Let’s all commit to staying focused on the road!