Does your business/association need Non-Owned Auto Liability?

April 06, 2021

Non-Owned Auto Liability

Whether you are a small or large business, association or another non-profit,  non-owned auto liability should an additional coverage that an entity should consider adding to their insurance policy.

Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance protects a business/association if they have someone who drive their own car for business.   This endorsement provides liability coverage for accidents while someone, often an employee, board or committee member, is using a personal vehicle for business purposes.  Non-owned auto liability insurance policy will provide coverage for third-party bodily injury as a result of an accident.  Again, the vehicle must be in-use for business purposes at the time of the accident.

An example:  Sue, a board member of Sunnyside Condominium Association, has an at fault accident while running an errand on behalf of the association. The driver in the other car driver is injured. The association's non-owned auto liability coverage would cover the damage to the other driver’s vehicle as well as costs related to their injuries.

Non owned auto liability overage can be added to the commercial insurance package policy via endorsement for typically a minimal cost.  The liability limits included would be those that are provided under the general liability limits. Higher limits of coverage can be obtained to further protect the business/association through the purchase of an Umbrella policy.

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