Beware of “Cheap” Insurance!

February 04, 2019

You’ve heard the saying “You get what you pay for”. This is often true in the insurance industry. Whether it’s your auto insurance, home insurance, business or farm insurance if all of your insurance purchase decisions are price driven only, you could be lacking in the coverages you need. Beware of agents that claim to have the cheapest rates and sell on price alone. Often, they will do whatever it takes to get your insurance business even if that means skimping on coverages. Insurance policies can provide different level of limits, deductibles, endorsements and varying policy forms. All of these will impact whether or not you have the insurance you need when you have a claim! Yikes! After all that is why we all have insurance, right?- to indemnify us if we experience a claim. When you have a claim the last thing you want is to find out you don’t have coverage! Find a local independent insurance agent who will discuss your needs and provide recommendations you can choose from to protect yourself. Next, have your agent do your insurance shopping for you with the carriers they represent to find you the Best value with the coverages you NEED.

However, Beware if you still decide you want to purchase insurance based on just getting the cheapest rates you may find in the event of a claim that “you have exactly what you paid for”!