Advantages of a Career in an Independent Agency

Advantages of a Career in an Independent Agency

August 09, 2022



When you envision a fun and exciting career, the insurance industry may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Even if you don’t find insurance the most fascinating topic, choosing a career in insurance pays off with abundant job opportunities, the chance to use a wide variety of skills, and a multitude of other benefits for professional development and an array of specialized opportunities. Need a little more convincing? Here are five advantages of a career in an independent insurance agency:  

1. You’ll enjoy job security in a stable industry

Insurance isn’t going anywhere. It’s been around for centuries, and it’s here to stay as long as people continue to drive cars, own homes, and run businesses.

During an economic recession, insurance is more stable than other fields. That’s because no matter the economy, people and businesses always need protection from risks.

Employment in the insurance industry at an independent insurance agency offers greater job security than other industries.  We aren’t limited to providing insurance for our customers with just one carrier, we have many options for our clients.  Nine out of ten times we can find a better value for a new prospect which creates security and opportunities for our staff.

2. You can give back to your community & make an impact

Job seekers today are looking for something that provides not just a paycheck, but also a purpose. People are increasingly interested in a profession that offers a chance to give back.

An insurance career can help satisfy this desire for meaningful work and community involvement.  The very nature of insurance involves an opportunity to do good and help others. In life’s most difficult moments—the death of a loved one, a house fire or getting injured on the job—insurance functions as a safety net, protecting individuals and businesses when they need it most. 

In addition, insurance companies are often active and engaged members of their communities. Many agencies are involved in a variety of charitable efforts, such as local children’s organizations, churches, animal shelters, disaster relief, and more.

  1. High potential for growth

Contrary to the stereotypical perception, the world of insurance is far from boring. It’s a highly competitive industry, full of promise and financial opportunity. Agencies are growing at a rapid rate as they compete to offer the best products and services here in Kentucky.  

You may be surprised to learn that an insurance career offers an exciting, ever-changing dynamic. There’s always something new to learn. Like putting together pieces of a puzzle, working in insurance involves figuring out what solutions will work best for the unique needs of our clients. There’s a consistent theme of needing to strategize, to think creatively and learn new skills. An insurance career in an independent agency offers the advantage of engaging in stimulating and innovative work, with a constant challenge to learn and grow.  

At McDaniel Insurance independent agency everywhere you look presents an opportunity.  We aren’t bound by risk or geography.

4. You can develop a broad skill set

Being an effective salesperson is a valuable talent when you work in insurance, but it’s not just a sales job. The industry touches every field and offers countless career paths. Independent Insurance agencies look for workers who have skills in:

  • Communication
  • Client Relations
  • Technology
  • Problem-solving
  • Research
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Critical Thinking
  • Detail Oriented

Moreover, the insurance industry is continually evolving as customer needs do. That means agencies are also interested in people who understand social media and digital marketing.

5. It’s easy to get started

There are a wide variety of roles in insurance, and some are incredibly easy to jump right into.   In our independent agency everywhere you look presents an opportunity.  We aren’t bound by risk or geography.  Contact Terry or Deanna McDaniel of McDaniel Insurance in Shelbyville, Kentucky at 502.909.0920 to learn more about available roles wihich might just work for you.    Get started on a rewarding career.